Join us this October to mark Breast Cancer Awareness month. We offer our limited “Pink Ribbon” accentuated “Natural Straw Baskets” in solidarity with all those affected in the fight against the disease.

Bolgatangabaskets.com is more than just buying and selling cute baskets. Our backbone is social transformation. We strive to have a holistic perspective for both weavers and customers alike.

Majority of the individuals weaving the baskets are women living in the villages surrounding Bolgatanga. Access to standard Health facilities is a challenge for many. Diagnosis of illnesses requiring Specialist laboratory equipment is difficult. In fact, several women are currently not medically insured.

Knowledge about Breast Cancer is pretty low in these rural areas. We are poised to fill this information gap as part of our social commitment to improving the health of our weavers and those associated with Bolgatangabaskets.com.
Returns from the Pink Ribbon Baskets, will be used to procure Health Insurance policies for our associated weavers who are currently not covered. We will also partner with Medical professionals to improve the health status of our weavers and their families.

We have collaborated with Ras Kareem, one of Accra’s underground jewelry makers in creating the pink ribbons. He has painstakingly crafted them from individual glass beads and they are a beauty to behold. Kareem has been excited to work with us on this project and we are blessed to benefit from his creative expertise.

Buy one, two, three or more of the Pink Ribbon Baskets ($50 +$10 shipping/€42 +€8 shipping). Take them to the grocery store, carry it to the PTA meeting, use while shopping. Take pics, record videos and share! Tag #pinkoctoberbaskets#pinkoctober
Allow the ribbon to dangle freely for all to see. Fight, Until We Find A Cure!

For Orders: contact@bolgatangabaskets.com, DM on Instagram (@bolgatangabaskets)

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