Bolgatanga Baskets presents beautiful handmade baskets from the villages surrounding Bolgatanga, in the Upper East region of Ghana. These baskets are famous for their beauty, durability and versatility.

The Bolga baskets are woven from Guinea grass, dyed to produce a vibrancy of colors that reflect the energy and allure of the people. Most of the baskets are woven by women.

While most businesses focus on the product, we place equal focus on the “process” with emphasis on the basket weavers. These in most cases are marginalized women, that do not get adequate income compared to the final sale value of their baskets.

Our baskets appeal to a socially conscious, more discerning crowd.

We employ a Family based approach.
Aim to improve the working and living conditions of the basket weaving families in the villages surrounding Bolgatanga.


You can easily make your purchase on the website. Payment is by PayPal. If you wish to order for more than 15 baskets, we will offer a generous discount.

Each basket is unique as they are handmade. You are welcome to tell us of your choice of colors and designs for customized baskets. Send your specific requests to contact@bolgatangabaskets.com


We ship worldwide using registered Post. Baskets will be shipped from Bolgatanga in Ghana, 2-3 days after the order. They will be available approximately 2 weeks after shipping.

We can also ship via Express post (DHL,FEDEX.UPS). These however will carry additional charges, which will be borne by the customer.


We appreciate your purchase.

There are plans to set-up a training center, where interested people can come and learn how to weave. Also, there are plans to offer Tours and trips around Bolgatanga and Northern Ghana. It will be good to witness live, how your basket was made.

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