Wholesale Baskets. We supply Bolga baskets in wholesale quantities to retailers and distributors worldwide. As handmade baskets and crafts become acceptable and trendy worldwide, there are opportunities opening for sellers of these woven items to make a decent profit retailing these Bolgatanga beauties to a worldwide audience.

Whether you are a kids store adding the famous Baby Moses Basket into your collection, or a Work from Home Mom, setting up an online store, we are here to supply you with a wide selection of high quality Bolga Baskets. Our pricing is fair, reflecting our core desire to uplift and sustain the livelihood of the weavers. At the same time, competitive enough to assure you good Return on Investment.
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We will be explaining in detail the process for ordering baskets in wholesale quantity from us.

Wholesale Basket Choices

We understand that different customers have different design tastes. In-order to fulfill your wholesale Bolga baskets order, we offer you various options

  •  Market selection
    A market is held every 3 days, where weavers from the villages around Bolgatanga come into the town center and sell their baskets, to middle men, wholesalers, single purchase customers. It starts at dawn and ends around 8-9am. It is an interesting sight to behold, as there are all kinds of baskets and hats from all over the area.
    Quality levels, colors, designs vary widely and each market day is different.
    Purchasing is done at a fast pace, as you are competing with other buyers for the best baskets. There are no guarantees and payments are non-refundable. However, this is a space for creative stimulation, as the latest designs almost always find their way into the general market.
    For customers who want quick order fulfillment without pin-point specificity, this is a good choice. Please take your order as a wish-list. We will help you select high quality baskets that fit your request. We will also try to get the designs and colors to match your choice as close as possible.
    We have a “no-pricing” policy. Meaning, we pay the first price the women ask for their baskets. We believe this is a fair reflection of the monetary value the weaver places on the basket and we are glad to support their craft.
  • Catalog selection
    Our catalog contains basket types and designs that our weavers have been able to perfect over time. The wide range of design options can sometimes be overwhelming. Some customers would prefer to have baskets we’ve shown on the website and in the catalog.
    Our wholesale catalog offers baskets that have gone through serious in-house quality control as well as long hours of brainstorming regarding color combinations. We take suggestions, recommendations and references from our customers and blend this into designs that are unique and appealing to the eyes. Special attention is also paid to the strength and durability of the baskets. As such, only the finest straw is used.We have the following Bolga Basket types available:
  • Baby Moses Baskets
    This is currently enjoying worldwide appeal as Kids Stores, Baby shops and individual moms crave for a comfy bassinet/crib for their newborns. The Baby Moses Basket is woven with comfort and strength in mind. The handles are specifically reinforced to ensure safety. Leather handles are added for extra strength and ease of transport. The Baby Moses Basket is available in different styles and color combinations.
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  • Shopper baskets
    This is the famous U-shopper basket. A sturdy basket that can act as a beach bag, grocery shopping basket, party basket or storage basket. Carry these baskets everywhere you go. We have plain U-shoppers and U-shoppers with the mess design (a 2017-2018 hit). They come in different color combinations and you have the option of pure vegan or leather based handles. For those who love monotones, we also offer straight one color u-shopper baskets in wholesale. We have small, medium and large sizes available.Round market baskets (large, medium, small)Pot baskets
    The Gambibgo Pot basket is named after the village on the outskirts of Bolgatanga. These large baskets have a wide base and tapers at the top. It is great as a storage basketDog Baskets
    For Pet shops, pet lovers, the Bolgatanga Dog baskets . Allow your pet roll up all snugly in the spacious basket, with natural straw.The Bicycle Baskets

    Round Bags
    Round bags became a fashion statement in 2017 and for much of 2018, different variants of the round bag have found their way into the general fashion market. Bolgatanga was not left out in the Round bags craze. Weavers have been able to incorporate the straw and blend with leather in producing some really beautiful bags. The bags come with or without inner lining and have adjustable leather straps. We offer woven Round bags on wholesale at affordable prices.

    Laundry Baskets
    Looking for baskets to store your fresh or not so fresh laundry? Well, the large laundry baskets are the perfect solution. We offer them as singles or triplets. We also offer the shorter, but wider laundry baskets on wholesale.

    Handmade Fans
    It’s endless summer here. In the dry season, temperatures blaze beyond the 35 degree mark and sweat is the common decimal here. Makes sense to have a woven fan in your hand. These straw fans are intricately woven with really beautiful patterns that turn them into great works of art. Hang them on your wall, use them on your patio, just enjoy the breezy vibe these guys provide. We have them in the hundreds, so you can choose as many fans as you like.

    Bolga Hat

    Our own version of the famous Panama hats. Sun bleached straw woven into cute looking hats, with wide brims and great sun screening capacity. The hats come either plain natural or with colored designs. You can also choose to have an adjustable leather strap fitted in.

  • Custom wholesale basket orders
    For several of our customers, there is a desire to have unique designs / combination of colors. If you have a specific design in mind, you are welcome to place your custom wholesale orders. We will review the request and come up with pricing and projected weaving times.

Most of the baskets come flat packed, in recycled rice bags.

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