Flamingo Hand Bag



Flamingo Bolga Basket.

This stunning basket, is dyed in a captivating flamingo color using pure natural dyes.

Handwoven from straw of the Panic grass by our talented weavers, it showcases the intricate patterns and meticulous attention to detail that Bolga baskets are renowned for.

The Flamingo Bolga Basket features long leather straps, providing both comfort and versatility. Choose from a range of leather handle options, including reddish orange, black, and brown, to suit your personal style. The supple leather handles not only enhance the basket’s durability but also add a touch of elegance to its overall design.

We offer wholesale opportunities and welcome custom orders, allowing you to tailor the Flamingo Bolga Basket to your specific needs. Whether you’re looking to add a unique touch to your boutique or seeking a personalized gift, we are here to fulfill your requirements. Experience the authentic beauty of Bolgatanga baskets