Black Baby Bassinet

Black baby bassinet. Black baby Moses basket from Bolgatanga baskets. Best bassinets for your baby. Order today.


Buy Beautiful Baby Bassinets handmade in Ghana, West Africa. Perfect for your newborn. Dimension: 29 inch x 17 inch by 11 inch height. Sale Price: $119.00. Free worldwide shipping.

Our Baby Moses Baskets are entirely handmade from natural straw of the Panic grass (Panicum maximum). They are intricately crafted by our team of talented weavers, most of whom are women.

We offer these bassinets in a variety of design and color combinations. There is the option of choosing leather handles in reddish orange, brown, black and beige colors. You are also welcome to send your custom orders and we will weave for you.

In addition, we supply baby change baskets, laundry baskets, shopping totes, woven dog beds and hand fans. Wholesale /bulk orders are also welcome.

We ship via DHL, so your basket will arrive between 5-7 days of ordering. Kindly state your delivery address and any customization requests when messaging us, so we can send the Moses baskets as soon as possible.

Your purchase today goes a long way in supporting our weaving families and the communities they live in. We have several health and social projects aimed at improving the financial and general wellbeing of our associated weavers.

Let your baby enjoy comfortable sleep in our Bassinets. Place your order now. Email enquires: