Baby Bassinet Colorful Orange Brown Green



Our Baby Moses baskets are perfect for your newborns. Beautifully and patiently handcrafted with natural straw by talented weavers from Bolgatanga, the Moses baskets are sturdy, resilient and durable.

We fit the baskets with leather covered handles and you have the option of choosing between reddish orange, brown, black and beige. We can also custom color depending on your requirement, or you go with plain vegan handles.

Shipping is via Ghana Post, DHL, air cargo or ocean freight for large wholesale orders. Your Moses basket will come slightly compressed to reduce the volume and cut down on shipping prices as it is a bit bulky. You can easily reshape the bassinet by wetting in water, waiting for about five minutes and then remolding. Subsequently set the Moses basket out in the sun to dry.

Moses Basket Stand : The bassinets can easily fit on a stand. However, we are currently not offering the Baby Moses basket with stand.

Mattresses and Lining: The Moses baskets go very well with several available mattresses and lining. Make sure there is enough to cover the base of the bassinet.

We are also able to provide you with matching changing baskets to go with your Moses basket. Contact us for custom weaving.