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Awesome Autumn Wholesale Basket Offer


We are offering some Awesome discounts for the autumn. This price cut is mainly geared towards retailers, shops, organizations and markets that are ordering a substantial number of baskets.

This has been a crazy year. Besides the mortality and morbidity from the virus, lockdowns, closures, restrictions have greatly impacted many businesses. The Bolga basket market has not been left out as weaving almost ground to a halt between the months of March-July after the first infections were recorded in Ghana.

For us, our weaving center was closed as we value the life and safety of our women. We also had to install handwashing stations and equip weavers with masks and hand sanitizers. The few weavers that continued at the time, had to weave from home and drop in a safe spot for collection.

In September, most restrictions were lifted as the virus had largely been curtailed nationwide. While this is great news, we continue to adhere to laid down Health guidelines including social distancing, washing of hands and wearing of masks in public.

Now we are back in action, with the women eager to weave both catalog as well as custom based baskets.

We will love to weave unrestricted, unhindered, with no constraints throughout this month and into the holiday season. For that to happen, we will need to have all resources on ground. Straw, dye

    Offer Packages

    $500-$1k 15% off
    $1000-$2500 25% off
    $2500-5000 30%
    $5k upwards 40% off