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Awesome Autumn Wholesale Basket Offer


We are offering some Awesome discounts for the Autumn. This price cut is mainly geared towards retailers, shops, organizations and markets that are ordering a substantial number of baskets.

This has been a crazy year. Besides the mortality and morbidity from the virus, lock-downs, closures, restrictions have greatly impacted many businesses. The Bolga basket market has not been left out as weaving almost ground to a halt between the months of March-July after the first infections were recorded in Ghana.

For us, our weaving center was closed as we value the life and safety of our women. We also had to install hand-washing stations and equip weavers with masks and hand sanitizers. The few weavers that continued at the time, had to weave from home and drop in a safe spot for collection.

In September, most restrictions were lifted as the virus had largely been curtailed nationwide. While this is great news, we continue to adhere to laid down Health guidelines including social distancing, washing of hands and wearing of masks in public.

Now we are back in action, with the women eager to weave both catalog as well as custom based baskets.

Offer Packages

$500-$1k  20% off
$1000-$2500 25% off
$2500-5000 30% off
$5k upwards 40% off


Why Bolga Baskets

Baskets are trendy this year. Big storage baskets are making a hit. Moses baskets are the in-thing for new babies and the market baskets remain a customer favorite. People really love the Bolga baskets because of their resilience, strength and the intricacy of weaving. To push their appeal further, the vibrancy of the colors and the insane designs the women craft just makes them perfect both indoor and outdoor use. In fact, it’s like Rattan and palm leaves got a bit jealous this year.

It’s pretty clear that this trend will last for the next couple of years. So, you are assured that any of our Bolga baskets that you put up in your shop will be gobbled up. Fast! With the holidays coming, demand for these beauties will definitely soar.

More on the Sales discount (Minimum Order Quantity/Price)

This discount cuts across all our basket types. Meaning you can mix any combo of baskets as long as you reach the minimum order price for that discount. The minimum order price for the wholesale discount promo is $500.

Basket Options

We offer you the chance to choose between our selection of baskets and custom weaving using your references.

Fulfillment time

Time taken to get your baskets ready will depend on the size of the order. Orders up to $1000 will be completed in 1week. Custom orders will take a bit longer to finalize. We deliver only high quality baskets that sell like candy.

How are they made

All our baskets are all handcrafted in Bolgatanga from the finest of straw. The straw is derived from various species of the Panic grass (Panicum maximum), commonly referred to as Elephant grass. These straw are split in half and twisted from one length to the other. They are subsequently dyed and then timestakingly woven into the basket of choice.


Our weavers are gifted with the Midas touch. Every straw they touch turns into basket gold. We value them and beyond paying very generously, we have a mix of social projects aimed at improving their lives and wellbeing. We place focus on Health, Adult literacy, Microfinance, Agriculture and Alternative livelihoods. Our upcoming website www.bolgatangabaskets.org will serve as the online portal to show you the impact we are making in the lives of the weavers and their communities. Feel free to contact us if you are interested in collaborating.

bolga baskets wholesale price

Shipping options

We ship worldwide. Depending on the size of your order and time constraint, there are shipping options. DHL door to door delivery is suitable for small orders less than $1k (4-5 days). Large orders with time flexibility can be fulfilled via air cargo (5 days) or ocean freight (6weeks). It’s import duty free to the USA.

wholesale baskets ocean shipping worldwide bolga basketswholesale baskets worldwide shipping (2)


The baskets are flat packed in recycled sacks to save space and lower shipping costs. They are easily reshaped by wetting with water and remolding.


Preferred means of payment is by PayPal. We also offer International bank transfer and Worldremit/Transferwise options.

Want to discuss or call via Whatsapp

Sure! Add us on Whatsapp +233550314277 and let’s finalize your request.

Ready to order

Download our price list and fill the contact form, selecting the offer that is suitable for your shop. We will get in touch and we can commence.
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    Offer Packages

    $500-$1k 15% off
    $1000-$2500 25% off
    $2500-5000 30%
    $5k upwards 40% off

    bolga baskets wholesale price